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Behavior Unbecoming of Louis Stevens

17 Dec

Even Stevens

Everybody has been going crazy over Shia LaBeouf for like, forever, lately.  I’ve never been too impressed, maybe because I can’t see him as anyone but the kid from Even Stevens because I had to watch a zillion episodes of that show while babysitting. Maybe also because I’m a grandma and stuck in my ways. Maybe also because I interned in D.C. on the Hill for a summer during college, and his Disney sister, Ren Stevens–she may have had a real name, but who knows–was also an intern and I went to her ridiculous rooftop party (tangent: Cory Matthews of Boy Meets World fame was also interning on the Hill that summer, so it was basically this weird vortex of washed up Disney stars and moi). So basically what I’m saying is, she was practically my sister and thus he is my brother and I can tell him that he is acting like a little dipshit.

Nothing in the creative world is more reprehensible than plagiarizing. And it seems that lil’ bro Louis has now plagiarized not once, not twice, but three times. And those are just the times he’s been caught. Earlier this year, he and Alec Baldwin got into a really ridiculous little drama diva fight over who-even-cares-what.  Shia “leaked” the messages (douche turn number 1), and then plagiarized his apology for leaking the messages. Since he could easily have asked his publicist to write the apology, I gave him the benefit of the doubt. Barely.

But then. We recently heard that he allegedly plagiarized an entire short film. Even though the reports seem to state that it was basically an exact copy (really, how narcissistic and/or dumb and/or both do you have to be to think you won’t get caught–as a famous person, no less–for this??), in true coward form Shia attempted to downplay it as a failure to credit the original artist. First, the golden rule is just ADMIT AND APOLOGIZE. I could be everyone’s publicist on that advice alone. Not only did my stupid little brother who I have officially disowned not take this advice, but he PLAGIARIZED HIS APOLOGY AGAIN. I just. can’t. The stupidity is mind-blowing. Please go away now, Shia. You’re pitiful.

That’s Gold, Jerry! Gold!

15 Nov


CC photo by pvera on Flickr

You know how everyone always says (said? Am I really getting that old?) that every situation in life can be compared to a Seinfeld episode? Well, gossip is no exception. The other day, Alec “thoughtless little pig” Baldwin lost his shit and called a photog a homophobic slur. Guess he needs some more relaxation tips from his yogi wife ’cause damn… he hype.

Well, thank goodness he’s basically a PR GENIUS because today he came up with a foolproof plan to get back in our good graces. You may be asking yourself, Alec, please enlighten me–what’s the best way to prove you’re not a bigot? Well, as both Alec and George Costanza know, all you have to do is trot out a member of the group you may have offended and pay they love and respect you so much they will not take no for an answer and must clear your good name. For Alec, it was his gay hairdresser. For George, Karl the exterminator.

Nice one, Alec. Next time try the Parent Trap route and try to convince us it was Billy.

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